Folding gates or scissor gates are constructed of 14 ga. material entirely heavy duty galvanized steel grade G-90. The advantage of our gate is and the use of heavy steel is that it requires no maintenance, there is no flaking paint, no corrosion , no rust. Each gate is made with high quality finish rivets constructed with aircraft quality 1/4’’ zinc plated rivets.Another advantage of our products is that it will not loosen or separate with prolonged use unlike competitors gates.The wheels are constructed out of steel which means they can whit stand heavy use.
Folding Gates come in sizes from 3’ wide up to 24’ wide and 6’-7’ and 8’ tall for applications such as loading dock bays, large openings, hallways and many more.




When your application requires an extra protection against corrosion, salt environment, heavy snow or you simply would like a nicer finish on your gate , the perfect solution is powder coat marine grade finish. Powder coat comes in approximately 180 colors to pick from. In addition the powder coat serves as an extra protection to the steel which can double or triple the life of the gate. As it is we provide you with Galvanized steel grade steel which is tough agains corrosion but powder coat helps even more.Perfect applications for powder coat finish folding gates can be marinas, any warehouse within or close to the ocean, chemical plants or distribution center with heavy use of chemicals such as choline or pool products.  You can download the full color chart here.

Powder coated aisle scissor folding gate



Our Window and Storefront Folding Gate serves as protection against theft and vandalism while still providing visibility to your store and products. Folding gates are a secure and inexpensive way of keeping your store looking great and secured.If installing above ground and behind a window the folding gate comes with a channel at the bottom to ensure smooth operation.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 2.33.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 2.31.27 PM.png




Portable folding gates are the perfect solution when you want to block off traffic safely and secure. The folding gates serve as a barrier to impede pedestrians to cross certain sections of your office / retail location /warehouse or any place you want to restrict access. They can be lockable from inside and they are also portable with self support bases which means you can transport and use anywhere you desire.Perfect applications can be: office space, retail locations and many more.

Portable Scissor Gate